How to break the ice on a blind date

Blind dates are a hit or miss. Someone can look great on paper, have the witty banter that’d put Hamish Blake to shame but when you meet them, they’re well…underwhelming to put it nicely. It could be nerves, it could be chemistry (or lack there of) or you may have just caught them on a bad day. Regardless, you can still have a good time if you can refine the art of breaking the ice on a blind date.

Take Time To Connect

Whether they are romantic or business related, all relationships are about connections. You’re more likely to hire someone you connect with in the same way you’re likely to be attracted to person you connect most with. So take the time to make a connection. Stay in the present. Keep the phone in your pocket or handbag. Make eye contact and really listen to what the other person is saying. We’ve all been

guilty of having conversations where we’re not fully present but this is especially important in a first impression. It shows the person that for the next 30min/1hour you have their undivided attention.

Don’t Treat It Like An Interview

There’s a time to be professional and a time to keep it casual. Having been on a few blind dates myself, I know how routine they can be. You meet. You talk about your jobs, your family and then potentially what you’re looking for on Tinder/Happn/eHarmony. I have single friends who have a set of questions they ask on first dates (despite my disapproval). Most of those friends are still single and I genuinely believe it’s because they treat dating like checkboxes on a to-do list.Take the routine out of blind dates, everyone is different and should be treated accordingly. You don’t need a script. Sometimes you just have to roll with it and see how it goes. If you need a fall back question, ask what they’re most passionate about. Everyone is comfortable talking about their passions and it’s an easy non-controversial topic.

Manage Your Expectations

A majority of dates are a flop because of mismanaged expectations. It’s good to stay positive but dating is a numbers game which means you’re not likely to marry the next guy you meet on a blind date. Don’t worry about where a first date may lead. It may lead to the love of your life or a really great friend. If you’re open to anything and keep your expectations in check, you’ll have a way better time.

Be Vulnerable

You get what you put out there. This goes for first meetings when you’re trying to get to know another person in a very short amount of time. It’s so much easier to connect with someone who is just real and vulnerable. The more open you are, the easier it’ll be for others to connect with you.

Still nervous? When in doubt, just smile and take it from there.

Iona x


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