Don't play hard to get, be hard to get

Here's something you need to know.

If you are consistently 'playing hard to get', one of two things happens:

1. You confuse the shit out of us.

We start to wonder whether you actually even like us.

If you're not texting back because you think you need to wait 4 days before you respond, if you're being really cold in your responses because you think that is going to make him work harder, chances are he's just not going to pursue you because he'll think you're not interested.

In today's world with Tinder and online dating and the sheer abundance of humans at our finger tips, if you seem like you're not interested in him, it's very easy for him to move onto someone else.

2. If it is too hard, he's just not going to bother

If it's not clear that he may eventually be going to win you over, he may not bother wasting his time.

Playing hard to get is not a good strategy to get a guy interested in you.

If a guy is attracted to you because you have a busy social life and have an attractive lifestyle, and he thinks you don't have time to text him back because you've got things on, and then he finds out that you're not actually that person, that relationship will die very quickly.

You just won't be the woman he was originally attracted to.

Having a busy lifestyle is attractive and sexy.

Be hard to get.

If you want to use that strategy to attract men, then build a lifestyle that you love.

Build a lifestyle that actually has you surrounded by the people that you love, and doing the things that you love, so that you are busy and important, not just pretending to be.


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