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Meet Miss Tiffany Rouge...

Listen to her #DateDifferently audio blog here!

Tiff is our podcast producer extraordinaire, and like all of our team, is a strong, empowered, beautiful, independent woman.

But best of all...

Tiff has the sexiest radio voice you’ve ever heard!

It's so smooth and engaging and can only be described as the love child of silk and chocolate!

This week Tiff has brought a new dynamic to our blog posts by treating us to our very first audio blog. (Yup, thats a thing!)

Click the link below and tune in to Tiff's story, as she talks us through the start of her very own #DateDifferently journey.


When we first met Tiff she had given up on dating.

I first met Tiff in a coffee shop in Sydney's Surry Hills and was blown away by her story.

Tiff explained that she wasn’t really putting herself out there anymore and that she couldn’t even be bothered opening the apps.

Dating felt like a time consuming chore that didn’t seem to fit into her lifestyle or her daily fitness routine and frankly, she really couldn't be bothered with it.

Sound familiar?

Ever since we starting running #DateDifferently workshops, I've met more and more women who have shared a similar experience.

Dating can be incredibly fatiguing

She wanted it to happen organically, naturally, without having to be too proactive about it.

But sadly our perfect world is not so perfect anymore and dating is not what it used to be, the dating landscape has dramatically changed (thanks a bunch Tinder!).

However, when I told Tiff more about our #DateDifferently strategy and our vision of disrupting today's modern dating world, she seemed to light up.

Hearing that there was actually so much more to dating than engaging with the apps, swiping left and right and forced conversations with men that weren't quite right for her, seemed to be music to her ears.

As we chatted more about the different dating strategies and what might work for her, Tiff decided that it was actually time to put herself back out there again.

Her weapon of choice (in her #DateDifferently strategy) would be known as...

"The New People I've Met This Week Funnel"

Holy balls!

What a great name, right?

In essence, the strategy is about getting more people into your life.

Men, women, friends, colleagues, gym buddies, acquaintances, you name it, the key is to...

Just add more people to the mix!

"The new people I've met this week funnel" was empowering, as it reminded Tiff that not everyone she meets is going to be right for dating.

By meeting more people, she's increasing the odds that one of the guys she connect with has real potential to be a great date.

For those of you who know me, or have heard me rant, you will know I'm a big believer of the concept that you can build a...

social life that serves your dating life and a dating life that serves your love life!

This technique really appealed to Tiff because she's a little bit 'old-school' (which I loved), and in reality she really just wants to -

Connect with someone in real life.

Tiff said that her favourite part about dating can sometimes be the feeling that comes with the chase, the thrill of trying to decide whether or not they guy she's seeing is good value and if it could be a good thing.

She had started to miss that feeling of butterflies in her stomach and the excitement that comes from the anticipation of the date.

The idea of the 'funnel approach' gave Tiff the social permission she was looking for to just get to know more people and see where it goes.

The really exciting part is that -

She stopped waiting for people on the apps to make a move.

Tiff started creating more opportunities to have fun conversations with new people, anywhere and everywhere.

The playfully named"The new people I've met this week funnel" has helped Tiff to realise that people are going to come in and out of her life, and that it's totally fine if they are not right for her.

She has stopped putting all of her eggs in one basket

Time is a commodity that you just don't get back and Tiff stopped wasting time dating the wrong guys that weren't right for her.

Instead, she just kept adding new, cool, fun, and interesting people to her dating funnel, and now when and if the right guy shows up, she’s ready for him!

Check out Tiff’s audio blog to hear more on her social experiment to #DateDifferently.


Enjoy guys,

Russy x


P.S. Don't miss this below...

Miss Adventurous

Incase you missed it, you can also listen to Tiff's very own Miss Adventurous Podcast, where we were privileged enough to be featured in the Episode "Dating in the Millennial World."

Don't hesitate to subscribe to her channel check it out here.


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