Dating hacks: An easy way to get his number

Guys are pretty rubbish at asking for women's phone numbers.

We are in this weird Mexican stand-off where nobody is asking for anybody's number.

People are just going their separate ways after a chat, and there may have been a real connection there, a real opportunity to lead onto a date.

I have this cool little phrase that I use that you might find really helpful.

Next time you've got a conversation going with a guy and you feel like there's a connection there, rather than waiting and hoping that he's going to ask you for your number, try using this phrase:

Start with something positive, like, "you're really fun to talk to",

and then follow up with these words:

"What's the best way of keeping in touch with you?"

"Actually, I've really enjoyed chatting with you, what's the best way of keeping in touch with you?"

This is good, because it comes under the radar a little bit. The person you are talking to doesn't feel like you're hitting on them and there's no pressure of agreeing to a date.

These days, people will often say "Facebook". Don't do it, it's impersonal and you'll get lost in the crowd.

If you get the Facebook fob off, just say, "I don't really use Facebook that often", hand him your phone, and say, "put your number in here and we'll catch up for a coffee sometime".

It's casual, It's not needy, there's no social pressure around it, it's nonchalant.

"What's the best way of keeping in touch with you?"

Try it out.


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