Fail safe ice-breakers

Do you avoid starting conversations with guys because you’ve got no idea what you’d even talk about, or because you think you’ve got nothing interesting to say?

The hot guy who was standing in the lift with you this morning, or sitting next to you train, or waiting for his coffee in the cafe, is probably thinking the exact same thing… “I don’t even know where to start, so I just won’t”.

You are both probably missing out on a potential highlight in your day.

Consider this for a minute…. you can talk to guys about pretty much anything,

Men are humans, just like you, living a life similar to you, and are probably open

for a chat, just like you.

Mind-blowing right.

Depending on the situation there are some really easy ice breakers you can use for a casual chat. The easiest is Hi, but nobody believes me that will work, so try HOLA, it's spanish for; him, opinions, listening and assumptions.

Let me break it down a bit more for you;



Guys love talking about themselves (sometimes a little too much, but it’s an easy opener).

Compliment him and ask him a question about himself.

Don’t tune out, actually be interested, this will encourage him to keep talking, your turn will come eventually.

Try this for example: “You’re looking sharp today, do you have an interview for your dream job?”


Opinions are like arseholes, everyone's got one.

Play up to his male brain and ask an opinion about something innocuous. What do you think? Blueberry muffin or Chocolate? , Whatever he says, it doesn’t even matter, choose the opposite, and joke that you thought you were going to be friends.

Be playful with it.

Say something like this: “What do you reckon? Friand or Danish?


People usually drop hooks when they are talking. If you are paying attention to what he is saying, you will be able to find something to follow up on.

Quick sidebar: Do him a favour as well and elaborate on those closed questions… Don’t just say yes, give him a little bit more, give him a chance to follow up.

Try this: “You said you’re waiting for a friend, is your friend as cool as you?”

(See what I did there, I complimented him as well! Make him feel good about himself and he’ll want to be around you more).


You can walk up to someone and say “oh hey, you look like...." anything really, and you can have it in your head before you go over, just make sure it comes from a good place.

You look like you're waiting for someone. You look like you're an artist. You look lost. He's going to respond with something, probably a no and an explanation about what is actually going on. Whatever he says, just introduce yourself and keep that conversation going.

Give this one a shot: "You look like you own this place, are you the boss?”

Don’t overthink it, push yourself over there and start with something simple. If he is a decent human who is good with words, he will reciprocate. If he is not, you haven’t lost anything, you simply tried to share a conversation with a fellow human. No harm, no foul.

What are you waiting for? If you are reading this on the train, turn to the person next to you right now, get their attention, and say something. Be brave.

Tell him you have just read an article that claims anyone will respond to polite chit chat and tell him you are testing the theory, see how he responds.

If right now isn’t a good time because you are reading this on the toilet, (we’ve all been there) then, at your very next opportunity try it. Get your conversation on with someone new.

Start four new conversations today. Do it for the good of humankind.


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